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Mandelbulber 2.12 alpha6 [23.08.2017]
Hallo zusammen ;D

Von Mandelbulber gibt es eine neue Version, diese Version ist ja ne neuentwicklung. Hier hab ich mal die Changelog mit samt allen Links, die wichtig sind.

Dieser Thread wird aktualisiert, bitte beachtet den letzten Post bzw. den Link dahin ;D

Free download (executables for win32, win64, osx and sorce code for linux):

official FB group:
Together with zebastian, mclarekin, bermarte and mancoast we have finished new version of Mandelbulber.
This version doesn't introduce any big features. Instead of major changes we have focused on implementation of big number of small improvements (requested by community) and fixing many bugs.
We have put a lot of work to create user guide for Mandelbulber (help menu), which tells a lot of about 3D fractals, rendering and usage of program.

There is repository with documentation in LaTeX format, where everybody can help us in writing it

What is new?
- Fractals: cleaned up names of fractal formulas
- Fractals: corrected MixPinski code
- Fractals: corrected Menger4D and Menger4D Mod1 code
- Fractals: corrected Abox - Mod1 and Abox - Mod2 code
- Fractals: upgraded the reset button on fractal tab. It now also resets iteration number and range, weight, add global C constant and check for bailout conditions
- Fractals: Updated final calculation for pseudo kleinian hybrid mode
- Fractals: Updated transform Spherical fold 4D
- Fractals: Updated Menger Cross KIFS
- Fractals: Added linear_DE_offset parameter for fine tuning of distance estimation of IFS-like formulas
- Fractals: new formulas:
* Pseudo Kleinian - Mod 2
* Mandelbulb - Multi2
* Abox - Mod 11
* T>Parab Fold
* T>Scale Vary Abox
* T>Spherical Fold CHS
* T>Spherical Fold Parab
- Shaders: added rotation and scale of background texture
- Shaders: added background texture offset sliders
- Shaders: added HDR blur post-effect. This is a soft blur which can improve quality of Monte Carlo DOF effect or can be used as a standalone effect.
- Shaders: now all effects (including SSAO) are rendered using floating point image buffers (better HDR quality)
- Shaders: image brightness, contrast and gamma can be corrected without re-rendering of SSAO and DOF
- Shaders: Removed redundant HDR DOF option (now DOF is always rendered as HDR)
- Shaders: Optimized Monte Carlo DOF algorithm (50% faster). Now it uses statistical noise estimation to determine the number of needed samples.
- Shaders: Fixed bug in algorithm for reflection calculation
- Image: Added full screen antialiasing to the rendering algorithm
- Image: Added the option to save stereoscopic left and right eye, in separate image files.
- Image: Improved quality of ray-marching without any noticeable impact on rendering time. Now the distance threshold is calculated 10 times more accurately.
- UI: added the option to detach rendered image from main window. It allows for the use of two displays.
- UI: font sizes and widget sizes adapts to screen DPI and size. User interface is displayed properly on 4K high DPI displays.
- UI: Added dialog box for hybrid/boolean fractals. When any tab is selected with index > 1, then a message appears with the option to enable hybrid or boolean fractals.
- UI: detached rendered image can be displayed in full screen mode
- UI: added the option to display thirds and golden ratio grid
- UI: formulas can be searched in formula combobox
- UI: added recent settings in File menu
- UI: Added the option to place the light source behind the object
- UI: corrected colors in list of connected NetRender machines. Will now be properly displayed with dark skin.
- UI: Cursor now displays correct camera movement modes.
- UI: Material tab only appears when another material is selected.
- UI: Fractal tab renamed to Objects
- UI: There was a memory alignment problem which caused damaged toolbar icons (when width was not a multiple of 4)
- CLI: added CLI support for mesh export
- NetRender: added lzo compression (saves about ~60-70% of network bandwidth)
- NetRender: fixed reconnection issue while lookup of host (mostly with very fast Ethernet connection or localhost)
- NetRender: Program (client) crashed when connection was lost.
- Voxel export: Mesh export uses much less memory.
- Voxel export: Parallelized mesh export. Now it uses all CPU cores, so it's much faster
- Voxel export: Optimized mesh export. Voxels are pre-calculated before meshes are calculated. Calculation speed is 8 times faster.
- Voxel export: Inverted orientation of faces. Now orientation of mesh export points outwards of the object
- Voxel export: implemented binary format
- Voxel export: implemented color save for ply meshes
- Voxel export: Initialize k1om Offload feature (preview)
- Voxel export: size of meshes now is not limited (only limit is available RAM memory)
- AnimBySound: Frequency band can be selected using mouse pointer
- AnimBySound: added the option to export keyframe animation with AnimBySound to Flight animation, where it is possible to edit every frame and save all frames to settings file.
- AnimBySound: added accept button to AnimBySound dialogue
- Animation: fixed bug: There was observed a problem where checking for collisions ("Validate") showed collisions even after they were eliminated.
- Animation: corrected frame numbering on progress bar
- Animation: added frame number by keyframe number in animation table
- Examples: Added several example settings
- Examples: Added example flight animation with audio synchronization
- General: Corrected saving of window state. It was saved as "Unknown organization"
- General: Added FilePathHelper to look for missing texture or sound files in several predefined paths
- Performance: Added icon cache in FormulaComboBox. Starting of application is faster
- Performance: fixed many issues showed by CoverityScan
- Compilation: Fixed many warnings showed by clang
- Compilation: Update MSBuild Solution and NUGETS for Native Windows Build
- Documentation: added section about processing of iteration loop
- Documentation: added section about hybrid fractals
- Documentation: added section about interpolation
- Documentation: added section about flight animation
- Documentation: corrected section about camera movement
- Documentation: edited chapter about NetRender
- Documentation: corrected styles and cleaned up document structure
- Documentation: added index and cleaned up document structure
- Documentation: added index

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